About Tony Rossi

My name is Tony Rossi and I thank you very much for taking the time and for visiting my website.  This section of the website provides me with a wonderful opportunity to introduce myself to you.  Music, is a very important part of my life.  In fact, music is a very important part of the lives of many people.  When I listen to a work of great music, or when I have a guitar in my hands, or when I am around any type of musical instrument, I completely understand and recognize the true power that good music can possess.  I must mention here that I am a very creative person.  Music has given me the ability and power to have my creativity increase  greatly.  When I am composing, recording, or performing music life, my creativity is connecting strongly with all who are receiving it.  Those who purchase my CD can powerfully connect to my musical creativity in that way.  My first CD of wonderful guitar music called Keeping Ourselves In The Love Of God can be found and purchased by going to the buy the CD link on this website.  All the beautiful songs on this extraordinary CD have been composed and performed on the guitar by me.  The sound quality of the recording is excellent, the song titles and the music itself is very inspiring.  The songs that I have composed and performed on this CD have been designed by me in such a way that they trigger feelings of peace, love and joy within the listener.  The fantastic music on this amazing album is soothing, beautiful and extremely lovely.  Please complete you music library now and go to the buy the CD link on this website.  When you buy my CD Keeping Ourselves in the Love Of God you will have for your very own, a wonderful CD of music that will give you a life time of musical pleasure and enjoyment.  The music that I compose, record and perform life is very powerful, it is spiritual  and I strongly belief that everyone that connects with my music will be greatly blessed.  I am pleased to say here that I am presently in the process of composing incredible music for a new CD that will be made available for purchase soon.  I very much enjoy the process of making music and all that comes with it.  Composing music, recording music, performing music life is all apart of it.  People I encourage you to seize the day, make it happen for yourselves and go to the buy the cd link on this website.  Buy the music that is found there, by doing so, you will be blessed.  If you wish to contact me, you may do so by visiting the contact link on this website